1 Simple Step to Fulfillment

Share with others. That’s it. That’s the secret sauce and that is the key to success, happiness, fulfillment – all those big things we aspire to have and be each and every day.


It doesn’t matter what you share, just share. I learned this valuable lesson a few weeks ago while in Agua Prieta, Mexico. As guests of a good friend who founded and continues to fulfill the Rancho Feliz Charitable Foundation (www.ranchofeliz.com), we were provided the experience of a lifetime. We were shown what it is like to be parents of 5 young children and a dog, living in a 50-sf cardboard box with nothing but the clothes on your back and a few utensils to cook some rice.

We met 10 human beings that walked in excess of 2000 miles, individually, through Mexico to escape the torture of their central American countries in hopes of crossing the border to America. They had no money, no food, no one for help but themselves – and they made the trek based on hope that their lives in another country would be better than the lives they left where their family members were assassinated in front of their eyes.

Words cannot describe what we experienced as far as poverty and lack of food, shelter and water – in a place where the morning temperature was 29 degrees Fahrenheit and the wind blew at over 40 mph.

Words cannot describe the privilege and opportunity we have in America – simply because we were born here or found some other stroke of luck that allows us to live here.

And words cannot describe what Gil Gillenwater, founder of Rancho Feliz, and his team of Guardian Warriors have done for hundreds of thousands of people and their families over the last 30 years through their ‘When we change ourselves, we change the world’ philosophy. Not only have they helped the people of Mexico build their own houses, orphanages, schools, culture and pride…..they have also helped countless Americans of privileged lives get their hands dirty and experience serving others – through sweat, tears and open hearts.

The dynamic we experienced between what normal life in Agua Prieta is like – compared to what Rancho Feliz can and is doing for those that are willing to help and be helped – in indescribable. Maybe compare a landscape with a dying bush on one side and a flourishing forest on the other as a poor attempt to create the picture of the dynamic between the two. The work Rancho Feliz is doing is simply priceless and will be a big part of metaLyf Experiences and Growcations going forward for all of us to take our lives to the next level through service to others.

And through all the tears, thoughts and feelings about the people that we experienced and their stories of devastation, suffering, transformation and success – one experience stood out for me the most. The picture above is not only of the family of seven living in a 50-sf cardboard box, but it is also a representation of just how simply the feeling of fulfillment can be generated. While we were with this beautiful family, we didn’t give them money, we didn’t give them food, we didn’t give them shelter (though their 100sf house is being built soon) – we simply gave them love, smiles and hugs.

Love, smiles and hugs. That’s all it took. The universal languages that mean so much to all of us. We gave genuine love, smiles and hugs – and received the same back tenfold.

The feeling associated with respect and love that was generated was simply priceless.

From that point on, I realized how simple the formula for changing the world is – simply give love, smiles and hugs. When more and more of us do that, the world can’t help but change. The wonderful people of Agua Prieta are a living example of that. And for a family who has nothing to give but love, smiles and hugs, I am forever a more fulfilled person and forever indebted to their kindness and hospitality.

Keep Goin’! And share something with each and every person you see today.

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