2 Steps to Hope

Want to know the answer on how to get unstuck?

Want to feel more confident something good will happen next?

Want to be able to take action to make that something happen?

HOPE is the answer....

I recently read a chapter on hope and prior to that, had no idea how powerful it is. I knew it was important, but didn't know that without it, nearly anything we want to change, improve, fix, have, do or be in life is nearly impossible to make happen.

According to the dictionary, the definition of hope is: "a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen" and "a feeling of trust".

Simply put, without hope, we can't move forward. With hope, we trust that what we want to happen will.

Let's take a recent example of how hope helped me go from stuck to moving forward....

The metaLyf Community is an entrepreneurial vision that has come to life through the blood, sweat and tears of Victoria and I over the last 10 months. With the recent support of a few other dedicated and highly wonderful lyfers, we have put everything we have into creating, developing and growing what will someday be a worldwide community of like-minded lyfers who together help each other grow on our individual journeys.

As with every start up in it's infancy, it's hard. It's really hard and it's expensive. It's day after day of figuring things out as you go, of doing your best with what you know at the time, it's sourcing knowledge and experience from others and it's talking to everyone you know to see if they fit the community and inspire them to be a part of it if they do. But most importantly, it's about hoping it will all work the way you envisioned it - before having the privilege of actually experiencing it having all worked out. Hope is trust that it will.

If there wasn't a high level of hope that this would all work out, we wouldn't have started. Luckily we had hope in the beginning, but as times get tough and things get frustrating, hope comes and goes. And sometimes, when hope goes away almost completely, you get stuck. Stuck in the position where you are at and you can't see any way out. When this happens, all the significant negative emotions like despair, fear, frustration and anger come out and play.

Recently in our entrepreneurial venture, Victoria and I came upon a crossroads on deciding where all our time and effort should go to survive - and it was looking like it shouldn't be in the direction that we have been heading for many months. We were stuck and it felt bad. We looked at each other, with nothing being said, for what seemed like an hour. It was probably only a few minutes, but between 2 people who always have something to say to each other, it felt like a lifetime. We were stuck and it hurt.

Luckily, with emotions of despair in hand, we called on the deep seeded wisdom we had to ask each other, 'What can we do differently about that?" ......and a few long moments and pauses later, Victoria thought of things differently and out came another brilliant idea of hers. Coming from a different perspective was a whole new way of looking at our problem. Within minutes, we were both on board, it made total sense, and we were already strategizing over what steps to take to turn the ship in a new direction.

In a matter of minutes, we went from being in the desert without water - to being in an oasis full of more water than all of us would ever need. In a matter of minutes, we went from having no hope to being full of hope. Just like that.

And now we can again see the future and are taking massive action knowing we are going where we want to and that it will happen and become a reality.

All thanks to HOPE.

So how did it we do it? What steps did we take to generate hope so hope could help us get unstuck? Simple...

Step 1) We asked ourselves what we could do differently about our situation.

Step 2) From that question and with open minds, we looked at the problem from a different angle and saw a different perspective than before. A new way out emerged!

Voila! That was it!

This sounds simple and it is, when you embrace and receive new perspectives with an open mind. It also helps significantly when you have someone you trust, besides yourself, sharing their perspective so you both can see a new way.

So as we go about our journeys together, let's open our minds and allow others to share their perspectives as we ask each other the right question. Often times, that simple formula can turn what could have been a lemon into lemonade in a matter of moments.

And when you have hope, lemonade becomes a reality.

Keep goin! And enjoy making lemonade....

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