Don't Forget to Be Awesome.

....You would think that having a beautiful and thoughtful work of art like this hanging in your home office – a place you visit nearly every day – would remind you to do what it says, right?


One of my favorite persons in this world gave me this picture when I moved in almost a year and a half ago. It was given to me out to the kindness of a very special persons’ heart and was a gift to remind me to be awesome each day. It was the first picture I hung on the wall and it is dear to my heart - and I am grateful for the gift…

However, I’m gonna take a guess here that in the last 449 days of this being on my wall, I have come in and out of this part of the house at least 12,123 times (to satisfy you statistics buffs - 90% of 449 days of being home, walking in and out 30 times a day) and sat in view of it for at least 2,020 hours (90% of 449 days, 5 hours a day on average), and have noticed it maybe……maybe….. 10 times.

Wow. I’m embarrassed and ashamed to even write this… And I’m sorry, favorite person…. :-(

It’s unbelievable how much we miss in everyday life – countless wonderful people, things and experiences each and every day that we simply overlook or don’t pay attention to any more.

And as I was thinking of what to blog about this morning, I saw this picture and was reminded of just how little most of us observe and appreciate in our lives on a day to day basis. This picture and it’s meaning are just one example of how we take meaningful people, relationships, things and experiences in our lives for granted day in and day out – and are constantly looking for ‘what ‘s wrong’, ‘what we don’t have’ or ‘what we want’ instead.

In a way, we are hard wired to process life this way – it comes from the need to stay alive when Sabretooth Tigers roamed the land and were eyeballing us and our rabbits that we collected for dinner. Well, fortunately, those days of needing to notice what was new and run from eminent danger are way behind us (except for the frequent telemarketers that we need to avoid), however, we still operate this way.

Nowadays, we dismiss what is meaningful and there for us each day because we have been trained to do so. We have been programmed by our culture, by the media and by consumerism to need and want more as that will help us feel better, happier or more successful.

I will raise my hand and say that I bought into this myth hook line and sinker for most of my life and fortunately learned through the school of hard knocks that ‘more is not better’ and that being happier and feeling better about ourselves requires a whole different way of being…. which we’ll save for a later blog post.

For now, however, we can blame the tigers and our culture all we want, but at the end of the day, each one of us is responsible for our own decisions and what we choose to do and pay attention to to make our lives better. So, let’s start with a simple choice that I have been reminded of this morning that works each and every time….

Stop, take a breath, look around and notice what we appreciate that’s right in front of us. Chances are we will also notice that it or they have been there the whole time. There for us to love, appreciate and be grateful for – which helps us feel better and be happier.

So as this picture reminds us ‘Don’t Forget to Be Awesome.’, let’s allow this blog to remind us ‘Don’t Forget to Be Present.’ And odds are when we are Present, we are more Awesome too.

Keep Goin’! And enjoy appreciating what’s been right in front of us the whole time.

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