Gratitude for....

Simply put, the feeling of sharing and receiving gratitude is second to none.

When we receive gratitude, it just plain feels good.

It feels good because others are recognizing something about us that maybe we have worked hard towards becoming – or that we went out of our way to do for someone else – or maybe simply because we forgot how to love ourselves at all times - and someone else is reminding us of how wonderful we are as a person in their life. Receiving gratitude feels good and we could all use more opportunities to feel good.

And... when we share gratitude for someone else, it takes that good feeling to a whole new level. Sharing gratitude sends a warm feeling throughout our entire body because we feel love towards someone in our lives that has made a significant difference in some way. It also sends a warm feeling throughout because we are giving in a selfless way – a way that is about someone else and not focused on ourselves….which, ironically, makes us feel good about ourselves because we did something selfless in the first place.

Gratitude is key to experiencing a life full of happiness, joy and peace and as we all may agree, sharing and receiving more gratitude in our daily lives would take our experience to a higher level all together. In a best effort personally, I journal about what I am grateful for each morning, and over time it has become a habit to look for what I am going to journal about as it happens throughout the day. When we do so, we automatically see more and more to be grateful for as we are now focused on it as it happens.

This blog entry is not only about the power of gratitude or how to cultivate and practice a life of gratitude. It’s also about the gratitude I have for the Lyfers that have been so instrumental in creating our first metaLyf Community Leadership Group that has now come to an end in the form we started it in 6 months ago. As I prepare to move across the country in a couple of weeks, last night we experienced our last original in person Community Group that left all of us in awe of what we have created. And to say I am blessed by the loving trusted relationships these Charter Members have formed and allowed me to be a part of is an understatement. What we have created, both as trusted relationships and as a community - to simply allow us to freely be ourselves – is priceless and without it, our lives would not be as fulfilled as they have become.

So, this blog entry is also about sharing gratitude for these people that have had a profound impact on each others’ lives and are now poised to carry this energy on and create new opportunities for more Lyfers to experience the community going forward. It was only fitting that last night’s group was the deepest and most wonderful of all – and that we move forward into the next chapter carrying the smiles, laughs, tears and bad breath (thanks, CMR!) that changed us all for the better….

To our Charter Members, you know who you are:

-I am grateful for you, CMR, for always reminding me how to feel and BE positive through anything we may be going through at any time. You have single handedly shown all of us how to embody resilience and make it part of your DNA and how to never let anything derail your dreams and passions and gifts. You are and will continue to improve all of humanity with your voice and your strength…and I am honored to have been a recipient of your wisdom and pure loving energy and look forward to more of that as you continue to bless us with your voice, your humor and your courage. Thank you. CMR. I love you.

-I am grateful for you, KL, for teaching me how to be selfless and care for others at a level higher than I ever knew was possible. You have had my back for over 13 years and I know you will have my back for another 50 years. You are simply the kindest, biggest hearted, most caring person I know and I am forever indebted to you for being there for me – and so many others - all these years. You have already – and will continue – to make a significant impact on this world and I am honored to have been in your shadow as you grew to do so. Thank you, KL. I love you

-I am grateful for you, MR, for helping me with your gifts when I needed it most. I walked into your office at a ‘5’ or below and left a ‘10’ – each and every time. Your listening, understanding, compassion and guidance leaves us all feeling understood and heard and free-er each time we are in your presence. And to know that you have chosen to do the same for older people who have been neglected and forgotten and that many people, myself included, are afraid to be around – separates you from most. You are a truly wonderful person and a gift to us all. Thank you, MR. I love you.

-I am grateful for you, MS, for always making me cry and smile at the same time as you remind me of all we have been through together and how jumping off of and out of a lot of things that we shouldn't has cemented a lifelong friendship that survived backing into a tree and dumping an ATV to save your life. You have also continued to show up and invest in yourself when things were good, which has shown all of us to never stop moving forward – a great lesson and inspiration for all. Thank you, MS. I love you.

-I am grateful for you, SB, for showing all of us how to Keep Goin’ – and that no matter where we are at the low point of the roller coaster, there is always a high point soon thereafter on the thrill ride of life. You continue to demonstrate how far one can come through commitment, dedication, humbleness and perseverance. You are a completely different person from the day we met and you are a walking example of how amazing personal growth can be when we focus on our relationships with ourselves first. You have an hourglass specially designed for you and for good reason – you are full of wisdom that we all benefit from hearing in the beautiful way that you share it. Thank you, SB. I love you.

-I am grateful for you, TS, for what you did for me last night in the circle, which was just one more example of how your heart and love are always with others first and how we always feel safer and more loved when you are in the room. I am grateful for how the same things happen to both of us in our relationships at the same time and how we can help each other in profound ways just by experiencing life separately and getting together to share notes over sushi or an all day dance. You have made me feel special at a level beyond what I ever thought possible each and every time we have gotten together. I am honored for knowing you and being able to call you my friend. Thank you, TS. I love you.

-I am grateful for you, VH, for co-creating this wonderful and beautiful mess :-) that we call metaLyf and for always bringing the perspectives I cannot see. Your light and love move us all in ways that can’t even be described with words and when you are in the room, the level of love and compassion for all of us elevates astronomically. Since the day we met, you have been my muse and my relationship, curiosity, freedom and unconditional love Sherpa, to say the least – and my entire life has evolved beyond limits because of your presence. Words cannot express the level of gratitude I have for your profound impact on my entire life - and the lives of so many others along the way. Thank you, VH. I love you.

So, with this sharing of gratitude, I hope that we all feel great about ourselves and what we have created for so many in our lives through our focus on growing ourselves and supporting others to do the same. Individually, we are all on our own journeys of evolution, however, as a community, we are not alone. Together, We Go Beyond.

Thank you, Lyfers. This one’s for you.

Keep Goin! And feel the gratitude you share and receive each and every day.

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