Happiness Cannot be Pursued...

.....is a quote from a current read, "Conscious Capitalism' by John Mackey (co-Founder of Whole Foods) and Raj Sisodia. I chose this book recently to gain insight and wisdom to ensure we are doing all we can in creating and building metaLyf into a leading Community that cares deeply about and for all involved; Lyfers, associates, affiliates, partners, stakeholders, their families and the planet as a whole, just to name a few.

While gaining some of that wisdom about business, what I didn't expect to come upon was a significant reference to one of my favorite books of all time - 'Man's Search for Meaning' by Viktor Frankl. As a short background on Frankl's life and the book he wrote to tell about it - he was a prisoner of the Auschwitz concentration camp during WWII and after 3 years of constant torture and being stripped of all family, friends and his own dignity, Frankl was one of the fewer than 5% that actually survived - of the millions of people that were murdered all around him. We have so much to learn from him and his book...

As it turns out, what Frankl helped teach the founders of Whole Foods was that Happiness cannot be pursued...instead it ensues as a result of living a life of meaning and purpose.

Frankl taught that people can discover meaning and purpose in their life in 3 ways; 1) by doing work that matters, 2) by loving others unconditionally and 3) by finding meaning in their suffering.

I chose this blog topic as reading about it helped me remember why I am here on this earth and why I am writing this blog in the first place - to do work that matters while loving others unconditionally through finding meaning in my suffering.

Over the last one and a half years, the key relationships in my life have all undergone significant change. Many of these personal and professional relationships have changed in a way that most, including myself at the time, would see as a 'loss' of others that we most care about. During this time, I have had many very rough days and have hit 'rock bottom' many times and have had many depressed feelings and emotions where I wanted nothing else but to crawl in a corner and cry. So I did.

But as I am emerging from the tail end of all this 'suffering', I am re-focused by being reminded that Viktor endured 3 years of what has to be far worse than what most anyone else will suffer in life - and what I have been through is nothing in comparison. I am also re-inspired because I have been reminded that the thousands of pages of notes and journals and discoveries and epiphanies and tools and experiences I have logged over the last year and a half - as it was happening - are all serving a purpose.....

It turns out that what for much of the time I felt was 'suffering'....was actually my most recent (and most significant to date) path towards peace and happiness. It was my path of doing work that matters, my path of learning how to love others unconditionally from the relationships that actually evolved instead of ended - and my path of finding meaning in my suffering.

It turns out that the meaning in my suffering is to experience the transition from loving others through fear to loving others unconditionally - and to share this with the world to help others do the same.

And now that 'Conscious Capitalism' and 'Man's Search for Meaning' have forever changed my perspective from 'suffering' to 'meaning and purpose', I can finally write the book that has been brewing in my mind and sitting at my fingertips for many years....

'Addicted to Love' is being written as we speak and will be coming to a bookstore near you sometime next year.

So thank you John Mackey, Viktor Frankl and all the meaningful and significant relationships and people that have guided and reminded me to stop pursuing Happiness and instead Be Happy as I live a life of meaning and purpose.....

Keep Goin'! ....While experiencing your path of happiness through your work, your love and your purpose.

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