How to go from Great to Outstanding!

Yesterday was a great day…..

Internally and externally, everything seemed to line up to help me stay happy and focused for nearly the entire day. Despite recently catching a slight cold and it being gray and gloomy outside, nearly everything about the day was great.

In review, I journaled how grateful I was about the people I had the privilege of helping, how others helped me, how I felt good about myself by eating healthy, proactively reaching out to people and by practicing all my self-care stuff like meditation, journaling, exercise, praying for others, asking for guidance and dancing, etc. I journaled how I was grateful that others reached out to me and I formed new wonderful relationships that will prove to be trusted lifelong partnerships in some way. I journaled how grateful I was for each of those persons in my life and for the sun rising and the moon setting and just plain being alive.

Yesterday, it all lined up - relationships were great, health was great, business was great and my faith was great. Everything was great and I felt great. It's great just having the opportunity to type 'great' so much to describe a day!

I share this day not to impress or ask for judgement in any way, but instead to put into context just how great this particular day was, knowing that in the past and most likely in the future, some days are the exact opposite of this day – and not so good at all. And mostly, I share the details of this day to show how a day can go from great – to outstanding.

So what happened that helped the day go from great to outstanding?


Last night, we had another addition of our metaLyf Leadership Group and it elevated an already wonderful day to even better. I walked in to the group and my day was an ‘8’. I walked out of the group and my day was a ‘10+’.

When I look back at this wonderful experience, I realize that the content, the specific activities and the format of the group were powerful…, but it’s the trusted community of like-minded, authentic and connected energy of the people that makes these groups special. Simply put, being part of something bigger than ourselves, like the metaLyf Community, while connecting at a deep level with many other growth focused peers - and being able to be yourself – is priceless.

One of the motto’s of metaLyf is ‘Happiness is Only Real When Shared’ – and the metaLyf Leadership group is a prime example of that philosophy. Many of us walked in happy but it only became Real when we shared it with many others in the community.

Though I had plenty of fulfilling interaction with wonderful people throughout the day, each of those connections was one on one. When a similar connection is made with a community of people like during the metaLyf Leadership Group, the feeling is completely different. I can’t even explain it actually as it’s a feeling. Maybe that’s it – it’s a feeling of belonging – of belonging to a community of something bigger and more dynamic and profound than anything we could experience on our own or with any one person.

When I look back and absorb and process the growth opportunities in what I experienced yesterday, I realize the biggest opportunity is to create more ways to be part of a community like this and to experience this level of deep connection with more and more people each day. I look forward to that focus as this journey continues.

In the meantime, I sincerely thank all the Lyfers that were present last night – and the regular Lyfers that weren’t able to make it on that particular evening. Each one of you has made my (and everyone else’s) day outstanding and for that, I am forever grateful....

Keep Goin! And fill your Lyf with community that helps you feel outstanding.

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