How to Recognize a Miracle

Lyf is full of miracles. So why don’t we see or experience them as much as we’d like?

The answer is so simple and so available….we should all be arrested for not knowing what it is - and making it a permanent part of our life...

As when we know the answer and make it a priority to remember and practice it, the joy and peace in our lives instantly elevates to levels beyond what we could have imagined.

Last night in a metaLyf Community Leadership Group, the topic of the week was ‘How to Recognize Miracles in Your Life’ and two of our members did a phenomenal job of researching the topic and presenting their wisdom to the group before we all put in our two cents. (Thank you SB and CR for your outstanding contribution and guidance!)

Discoveries ranged from ‘It’s how it’s interpreted’ to the question of ‘Is it a miracle or is it that I’m just not seeing things in the negative?’ and from ‘The most important decision we can make is to decide whether we live in a world that is for us or against us’ to ‘The truth is whatever I tell myself’. We shared ideas and experiences that showed that miracles don’t have to be big events or lyf changing situations, but can also come in very small packages like waking up every day and watching a bird fly. Some in the group had experienced near lyf ending illnesses that they had overcome and others experienced miracles in the all-day every day activity of breathing.

Throughout our discussion, we all realized how miracles show up in our lives all the time – and whether we experience them or not comes down to one simple yet profound decision….

Are we choosing to look for miracles or are we choosing not to?

That decision is 100% each of ours and completely up to us to decide and make a habit to do so.

When we choose to look for miracles, large and small, they simply show up. And as we know, the real answer is that they were there the whole time, we just chose not to experience them. Instead, we were too busy thinking about other things to try to make us happier when the happiness of miracles was right in front of us all along….

Case in point….this morning I was journaling two parts of my current practice, which are reflecting on 'what amazing lyf experiences showed up in my lyf yesterday’ and ‘what am I grateful for?’. Until now, I was able to think of a few lyf experiences and write a few down and it has been getting easier and easier over the last few weeks. At the same time, I have been journaling about what I am grateful for for years - and have been able to list many people and things each day. But today was different…..Today when I was reflecting on the amazing lyf experiences I was blessed with yesterday, it was as if the floodgates had opened and all of a sudden I couldn’t stop writing - as memories of so many experiences that I now call miracles kept pouring out without any sign of stopping. And then it all hit me….

EVERYTHING and EVERYONE is a miracle – when we choose to look at it that way.

I had realized in what felt like a divine message from out of nowhere that everything I am grateful for each day – is also a miracle. Now that I have chosen to look for miracles / amazing lyf experiences / whatever we want to call them…they are magically everywhere. And, as we know, it’s not actually magic – the miracles were there the whole time.

So next time we take a simple breath – ask and answer ourselves, ‘What if I didn’t have this breath? Well, quite simply, I wouldn’t be here.’ That sounds like a miracle to me.

Keep Goin! And choose to look for miracles in your life. Without them, you wouldn't be alive.

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