Last quarter of the year....

We are in the final countdown! Its the final three months of the year! How exciting!

Are you ready for the holiday season and all the time spent with family? If the thought is overwhelming, you are not alone…

To combat myself from getting sucked up in the hustle bustle of the next 3 months, I am- for the first time- planning my months out (or at least looking ahead) so I am not too surprised. Things will always come up unexpectedly and require flexibility, patience and understanding- but having a clear picture on how you would like the next few months to turn out will help keep your actions aligned with those goals.

My recent experience here in the metaLyf group has provided supportive, compassionate accountability. Its comforting to be able to share my goals in a safe non judgmental community with people who have my back! Thank you metaLyf for this community and look forward to growing and expanding. I know in my heart of hearts I long for genuine connection. We think its not out there but it is. I found it here. I am able to see within me because I see it within you.


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