The 1st Step to Being Yourself

Wow. What a difference being yourself makes.

When we show up as ourselves, without all the layers that we think others want to see, everything gets easier and better.

I recently experienced this shift in a big way as I had the honor of being interviewed on the ProjectMEwithTiffany podcast. Give it a listen here:

Not only was this interview my 1st podcast as a guest, it was also one of the few times I was completely myself - raw, authentic and free - in front of a large audience that I didn’t know.

The experience was absolutely amazing…..

And what was even more amazing was how it became so amazing…

We can all relate and have had a few experiences where we shifted from being ourselves to being someone we think others want to see – in an instant – when we walked into an uncomfortable situation…

For the most part, we are all able to be ourselves in certain circumstances – like with a friend we know well, like in a small group of people we trust will be safe or like in family situations. However, to be ourselves in a group of strangers – or on stage / on a podcast with an unknown audience - is a whole different challenge. In fact, it’s something most of us unconsciously avoid at all costs, myself included.

As you listen to the podcast interview, you’ll hear us refer a few times to ‘Love BEing Me and Love BEing here….’ This was my mantra that weekend when I dropped my layers and showed the real me on stage -and that’s the mantra I was reminded of when I showed up as the real me on the microphone for Tiffany’s podcast. Both firsts – first time on a significant stage in front of strangers and first time being interviewed for a large unknown audience all over the internet.

And as you’ll hear in the interview, I wasn’t going to show up as myself in either occasion. Instead, my mind’s insecurities wanted me to show up at the workshop and avoid being on stage – and instead hold up the wall to ‘people watch’… that pattern that I have had for as far back as I can remember. The same insecure mentality presented itself when I was preparing to be interviewed – when I spent much time and effort deciding what to say – you know, things that others would want to hear..

And on both occasions, I was reminded by very good friends to drop all that….and to simply show up as my true self. Thanks to them, I did. And because of this shift, both experiences were beyond amazing.

That advice we’ve all heard over the years…to ‘Just Be Ourselves’ – how do we do that and show up that way to those life experiences that scare us the most?

The 1st and most important step to the process is to….


Decide that you are no longer going to be what you think others want you to be. Decide that you are already beautiful/worthy/brilliant/interesting/smart/prepared enough and because of that you can proudly be you in front of anyone and everyone. Decide that you are enough and when you may not feel like you are, you will remind yourself to decide that you are enough.

Decide to repeat this process for as long as it is needed.

Every improvement in any area of life begins with a decision. And when you decide to feel this way about yourself, it becomes your new perspective. It becomes your new reality…

And when your reality is based on you being you, you’ll find that everything becomes easier, more effective and more wonderful as every aspect of your Lyf improves. After all, being you doesn’t take anything else beyond what you already are. That sounds like a pretty simple way to live!

Keep Goin! And decide….to enjoy being you as you live your new reality!

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