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Updated: Nov 6, 2018

Sedona Mago Retreat, Sedona, AZ

If you are reading this blog, you are probably a Lyfer that has experienced some level of personal growth in your life so far - and on your journey, you may have experienced a retreat or a program or a seminar that has helped you in a profound way.

When we think of personal breakthroughs, awakenings, epiphanies, etc, we often think of an experience we had while attending some event geared toward significant transformation rather than from something that happened in a day- day lives.

And as I sit here under a shade tree in one of the most beautiful and powerful places on earth, Sedona Mago Retreat, I am on day 4 of a 5 day ‘Spiritual Detox’ program, where, just like the name says, I have been detoxed and am feeling amazing, just like every other time I have been here.

And as we go through these programs, one of the most common questions and comments I hear from fellow participants is, 'I feel great now, but what about when I get back to the Real World?...’

We all know the feeling – we leave these wonderful places and these wonderful experiences and these wonderful groups of people that we can be ourselves with – and we go back to the real world and ‘life’ weighs on us almost immediately. So what do we do about that? What do we do to make sure the lighter and free-er feeling we left with stays with us past Tuesday? What do we do to make sure that we don’t go backwards and that the significant amount of time, energy and money that we just invested doesn’t go to waste?

The answer is simple and enjoyable: We need to make it a daily practice. Personal development and growth is no different than physical growth – if we want to get and stay in shape – we need to exercise and eat right most every day. If we exercise for 1 weekend or 1 day – and then go back to our ‘real lives’, what would happen to our body? It would go back to the way it was and our inner growth operates the same way.

Instead, the easiest and most effective way to do this is to 1) Decide we are going to make this a daily habit, 2) Find at least 1 person that is of a similar mindset and choose to help each other grow and be accountable and 3) Make it fun for all. If we really want a boost to the chance of this sticking, do all 3 of these the day of or day after we experienced whatever changed and inspired us – that momentum and motivation is so powerful and can jump start our successful practice.

If we feel good on Sunday, and apply these 3 steps then feel good on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday…..the chances of feeling good from Thursday on elevate significantly.

Let’s break these 3 parts down to clarify some key points….

1) Decide. When we truly decide to do something and will accept nothing less, there is nothing that can stand in our way. If we ‘decide’ and have some reservations, excuses or fears associated with it – we have not truly decided. Truly means – no matter what.

2) Find a Growth Partner. Say we want to eat healthier so we ask our buddy that we often watch football together with – to be our personal growth partner and to hold ourselves accountable to eat well on Monday night. Monday Night Football rolls around, the game is on, drinks are flowin' and it’s time to eat. Guess what’s for dinner? Football food! Our chances of success are slim. Alternatively, what if we ask our friend in exercise class to be our health partner and eat well on Monday night, odds are that person wants our help too – and when the 2 of us hold each other accountable because we both have decided to make the change – our chances of success skyrocket. Find the partner(s) that are of the same mindset.

3) Make it Fun. Our minds are pretty simple underneath it all. When we want to do something, our minds make it happen. When we don’t want to do something, our minds make sure it doesn’t happen. If we want to do something and we don’t, we have an inner conflict, but that’s for another blog. Simply put, make your decision and your journey together fun – and chances of long term success go way up.

These keys to success may not be new news to many of us, however, most of us do fall off the wagon shortly after a successful retreat/seminar/experience. And all too often, that actually sets us backwards, because we wonder why we aren’t sticking to the things we wanted to - and that creates more self judgement. It’s quite simple – the environments we go back into take over. So take over your environment! Fill your day with more and more people on a growth journey – and before we know it, the things that we know will truly make ourselves happy, which all come from growing ourselves from within, become a part of our daily practice and focus.

With this need and this focus in mind, we created the metaLyf Community – a place for all of us on a journey of personal growth – to join together, help each other, hold each other accountable and make any day in the ‘Real World’ just as effective as Saturdays in a Spiritual Detox retreat. And when we do this in a fun way with other Lyfers through groups, podcasts, growcations, social media and other upcoming vehicles, our chances of feeling good more often on any given day rises significantly.

Keep Goin’! And enjoy being part of the new Real World - our metaLyf Community!

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