The Secret to Great Relationships

What is the secret to improving our relationships?

Here’s a hint…. It’s not about telling them how wonderful they are or remembering their birthday – those are a given…and if we’re not already doing these…no need to read further….as the relationship may be over soon anyway…:-0

Whether we are looking to deepen our relationship with a significant other, a boss, a son or daughter, a partner, a family member, a friend or anyone else, the secret shared below is a tried and true way to take a relationship from good to great in a matter of minutes.

As we may know, relationships are key to our success in every area of our life – business, personal and especially in our own happiness and fulfillment with ourselves.

Relationships are wonderful and complicated at the same time. Relationships can make us feel like we are on cloud nine and the same love centered relationship can make us feel devastated and alone only a few minutes later. Relationships can make or break our success and performance in our profession and relationships can make things easier or harder in any area of life. Most importantly, our relationship with ourselves directly dictates how we experience each and every minute of every day of our life. To say that relationships are important in our lives is an understatement.

Knowing that relationships are key to success, happiness, fulfillment and everything else important in life, taking them from good to great is crucial. So what is the secret?

Be Vulnerable and Go First

Being vulnerable and going first means taking the initiative to share something authentic and vulnerable about ourselves with someone else. When we do so, this tells the other person that they can trust us - and they can be vulnerable and authentic too. When we are both vulnerable and authentic, the relationship deepens and everyone involved feels more connected and closer to each other in ways we don’t get in most other interactions.

In the beginning, taking the step to being vulnerable and sharing authentically can seem daunting and downright fearful. Through time and practice, however, we start to realize that we are OK when we do so which increases confidence in ourselves and others, And at some point, we start to notice that it actually feels wonderful to do so. We feel lighter and have less worries and stress in the world – something all of us could benefit from. And not only is it freeing, it’s well worth the risk.... Studies have shown that just 45 minutes of vulnerable and authentic connection can create closer relationships than 30 years of a lifelong friendship.

The metaLyf Community and especially the metaLyf Community and Business Leadership Groups are based on creating this kind of freedom and lightened feeling and have helped countless numbers of members deepen their connections and relationships with others in trusted and supported environments. We find that when we can do it in the metaLyf Community environment, over time, we feel safe to do it at home and in the workplace too. The end result is great relationships throughout our lives, while reducing worries, tensions and stress in ourselves.

So, find a metaLyf Community or Business Leadership Group to be a part of or just start sharing on your own at home. The benefits in your relationships and your life will be unparalleled.

Keep Goin! And enjoy experiencing the joy and peace that great relationships can bring.

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