The Transformational Power of Music

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

So, there I was – struggling with what to blog about…..

More than 30 minutes had passed and only a few sentences had been forced off my fingertips onto the keyboard and it felt like I was pushing a car up a hill.

Then a song came over the headphones and that changed everything…..

After only a few measures of experiencing the tune, suddenly these words flew off my fingertips and onto the keyboard like water falling off a ledge creating a powerful flowing waterfall with a beautiful rainbow and all.

That’s the power of music…..

More specifically, that’s the power of music when you EXPERIENCE music….

As most of us can attest, we have been listening to music for much of our lives in one way or another. For some, music is a significant part of our day and for others it is not that important, however we may enjoy it once in awhile. I would venture to guess, however, that if we polled all readers of this blog, 95% or more would share that we can remember what song was playing at some important and memorable time of our lives. I certainly remember blasting 'Purple Rain'in the car while sulking over a breakup in high school....

Simply put, music is transformational, and music is memorable.

Regardless of our relationship with music, when it is experienced in a particular way, it has the power to transform our thoughts, emotions and behaviors in a way that is simply magical. In a matter of moments, when truly experienced, music has the power to take us from sad to happy, from happy to sad, from bored to excited, from powerless to powerful and on and on. Music has the power to shift our entire state of being in a matter of seconds in a way that only true art (and love) can do.

So, with all the artists, bands, songs, genres, instruments, etc. available to us at all times and in so many ways, what makes the difference in how powerful music can be for our transformation? What makes that song move us from pushing a car up a hill to flowing waterfalls and rainbows?

The difference comes from ‘EXPERIENCING’ music rather than ‘listening’ to music.

Experiencing music means paying total attention to what is coming into our ears. Experiencing music means letting go of any and all other distractions and giving the music all our mind’s capacity. Experiencing music means closing our eyes and being completely present with it…..and when we do, the power of the music itself takes over and does what it does best – it moves us.

At metaLyf, we’ve created a program that takes a listener through a process of experiencing music and when finished with a song, your entire being has been shifted to the emotional state that you wish to be in. It’s kind of like magic and the result is that it helps us perform at our best – or enjoy life itself - at any given time and in any given situation. The program is simply amazing.

So be on the lookout at for this program that guides us through the process, which will be coming later this year. In the meantime, simply pay attention to and focus on a song you love rather than listen to it in the background. This small change itself will allow music to improve any part of your day in a big way.

Keep Goin! And enjoy the power of music and what experiencing a song can do for you…right now.

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